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Time & Mindset

Do you have it? The key is not in SPENDING time but in INVESTING time.” -Steven R. Covey “We are what we REPEATEDLY do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a HABIT” -Aristotle Two sentences, one was said by the ancient Greek philosopher “ Aristotle” and the other by the famous American educator, author, […]

Christmas Magic

Do you feel the vibe ? YES! Christmas is finally here. Through the years, we have always been mentioning the Christmas topic to bring up the topics of the vibes, traditions, decorations, shopping, gathering, and more. Not to blame, it actually brings happiness everywhere all around the world. Everyone feels the warmness with the lights […]

Aging as a leader

I am getting older! Today I celebrate my birthday, I crossed 50!!! I am resisting growing responsibilities, anxieties, immobility, tiredness, wrinkles, and taboos. I am afraid of being old fashion, stubborn, fat, and losing my ability to learn and be creative. I panic, thinking I am not going to be the leader I always look […]

Branding your brain

Branding your brain Coke is just soda, Levi’s is just jeans and Nike is just shoes. Yet consumers go out of their way to choose them over other brands. What’s behind these choices? Why we as consumers are so addicted to choosing them? Actually, the question behind this is how a rational consumer chooses to […]

Competencies Framework

The Essence of Performance In such turbulent markets, organizations big or small are looking for ways to enhance their employees’ performance. The new market norms are now looking for super employees who are multitasking with a different set of competencies, remote workers, and cross countries employees who can work and compete with locals creating more […]

Ali VS Lee

The Essence of Leadership Agility Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee are iconic legends and history will always remember them as the best martial arts sportsmen of all time, one was a master in boxing, the other was a master in kung fu and he invented his mixed martial art. For the people interested in sports […]

Leading in a Virtual Environment

Leading Virtually Leading virtually requires a different set of skills, a completely new approach, and a new mindset. Working remotely has changed the way we work, learn, live and lead. This new world of virtual companies or teams introduced new challenges for leaders, So many thoughts and questions run in the mind of each team […]

A Job for life!

How long should I stay in the same job? A very legitimate question from a Pinnacle newly hired Business Development young talented man. The question hit me while I was showing him the career pathway for Pinnacle consultants and the minimum years of experience to move to the next level. He is questioning the concept […]

Managing Virtual Teams

Ready To Work Remotely? Some organizations had been deploying “Remote jobs” or “Work From Home (WFH)” long before the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, those organizations were quite adoptive as nothing really changed – Except the lockdown. Pinnacle was one of those organizations, starting its establishment, pinnacle invested in the right technology with Microsoft and built […]

Stable Jobs End

Effective Immediately! December 2021, on a quite normal Wednesday morning,  Better.com – the mortgage company’s CEO-  Vishal Garg announced that he took the decision of laying off about 9% of the workforce at a Zoom meeting abruptly informing the more than 900 employees on the call they were being terminated just before the holidays. “If […]

Misconduct Lose Fortune

Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard January 18, 2022 | Microsoft News Center announces “Acquisition of Activision Blizzard to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone, across every device.” Big news for the videogame industry, Microsoft surprised the world with the announcement that it will acquire Activision Blizzard for a whopping $68.7 billion. The […]

Mistakes to avoid when leading Remote Teams

Remote Work Is Not Working When the pandemic hit hard, it forced many companies to work from their homes, Many companies are shifting to remote operations and hiring from the global talent pool. Business analysis and management experts went far and stated all the benefits of working remotely from home and speculated that this will […]

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