Dr. Soha Amer

Dr. Soha Amer

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Business Development Manager | Alexandria Egypt

Dr. Soha is a seasoned Business Researcher with over 13 years of practical experience and academic knowledge studying and teaching in several European Countries and Egypt.

Dr. Soha built her experience in Manufacturing Sector, working for Alfa for ceramics and porcelain – Egypt, Realonda for Ceramics tiles – Spain, Venus for ceramic tiles – Spain, Boira and Soriano, Cargo, and freight company – Spain, Queen Home – Egypt, Yassin for Import – Egypt. Soha held various ranks’ positions from Freight Forwarder to Managing Import & Export departments till being Co-founder and owner of Yassin Import company in Alexandrea – Egypt.

Soha holds Doctor of Business Administration and several certificates in Business Research and Consumer Behavior from Herriot watt University, Edinburgh Business school, She also have Master Degree in Business and working on her Doctor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from Arab Academy for science and technology and maritime transport. Where she is currently is a Delegated Lecturer of Sales Management, Graduation Projects’ Supervision, and graduation projects jury member in the department of logistics and supply chain.

Dr. Soha Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, 2002-2006 from Alexandria University of commerce, and her high school was in her hometown Alexandria Pensionnat de la Mère de dieu, 1989-2002

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