Narendra Sharma

Narendra Sharma

Business Development Manager | India

Narendra Sharma

Narendra brings more than 25 years’ experience across office automation & IT solutions verticals. He carries a track record in profitable annual sales budgets, business growth by high performing teams of regional managers. Narendra Led global and Pan India projects on Digital Transformation at World Bank, Suzuki, Honda, Volkswagen, Mckinsey & Co, Capgemini, ABB, JP Morgan; Narendra will be a pillar in our IT infrastructure division leading the digital transformation offering. 

Narendra took part of senior management on zero dishonesty program, mentor & coach centers, and a consistent speaker in various capacities at business forums.

Narendra worked in several international ICT companies such as Canon India, Zenith Computers, NETLINK, GEIS, and INFOTECH.

Narendra will be adding value to Pinnacle IT infrastructure division as Digital Transformation Consultant while he will be promoting Pinnacle Business in India. 



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