Wissam Nayif

Wissam Nayif

Creative Arts


A seasoned Art Director, Graphic and Interior designer with more 30 years of experience in various fields and countries. Wissam has remarkable designs in exhibits and advertisements with various brands like Jeep, Momo, Motorola, Mankind, CAT, TE Data, Vodafone, Renault, ElSweedy, Chevrolet, Americana, Citibank, Ideal and Suzuki. His held the position of art director in several local, middle eastern and international TV stations such as CBC, BBC, Sky News, Orbit, Abu Dhabi TV and ERT. His touches where obvious in famous TV shows such as Hassanin Heikal, Emad Adib, Misr El Naharda, Mahmoud Saad, Lamis El Hadidy, Adel Hamouda, Medhat El Adl, Hisham Selim, Khairy Ramadan, Amr El Leithy, Al Habib Aly al Jafri, Ahmed Shoubir, Magdy El Galad, Mohamed Aly Khier just to mention few where he was the Art Director, and set deigner. Wissam holds bachelor’s degree with Excellent Honors from High Cinema institute, Art Academy, 1990.

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