Zena Eltalhawy

Zena Eltalhawy

Marketing Business Development Associate

‘‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there.’’
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Four years of experience in marketing, sales, and business development in various
industries like banking, technology, and telecommunications both B2C and B2B. A
certified digital marketing specialist who has a proven track record of generating
leads, closing deals, and building long-term relationships with clients and partners.
Graduated from The British University in Egypt, validated by London Southbank
University, with a B.S. in Business Administration, majoring in marketing, Zena is also
a certified Digital Marketing Specialist from ESLSCA University and has strong
operations management, financial inclusion, time management, communication, and
negotiation acumen.


Whether in marketing or business development, My Mission is to create customer experience excellence, when surfing our social media or being present at one of our marketing events, when reading articles at our knowledge center, and more importantly when they deal with our consultants and trainers from signing the contract till they respond to the customer satisfaction survey.


• Consulting Services: Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, B2B and B2C Sales, banking, and Customer
• Business Development.

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