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The key is not in SPENDING time but in INVESTING time.” -Steven R. Covey

“We are what we REPEATEDLY do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a HABIT” -Aristotle

Two sentences, one was said by the ancient Greek philosopher “ Aristotle” and the other by the famous American educator, author, keynote speaker, and businessman “Steven R.. Covey”

Despite the time span between the two being long, these two quotes got me wondering about 3 elements; “Time” “Hard Work” and “Mindset”.

The other day, a conversation was going on between two friends, where they were discussing hard work and mindset.

Friend A: What if there is a man who work hard every day and another man who doesn’t work?

Friend B: Then God will empower the first based on the efforts and time he invested. And the second, likewise.

Friend A: You are speaking from a believer’s point of view, what if they’re not believers?

Friend B: Then the same applies.

Friend A: How so?

Friend B: Mortal life is just like believers’ faith, if you work hard and invest your time, you will be rewarded. Which is proven by real-life examples. However, if you don’t; life will be extremely VUCA for you!

Gain the max of your time

Aneeshwar Kunchala is a 7-year remarkable young influential man, a wildlife conservationist. Who started his journey on Britain’s Got Talent “BGT” and made it to the finals.

In no time, he represented the UK at COP27 for climate change, and won the Guinness world record for the youngest speaker alive as “Officially Amazing.”

He has a mission for saving our planet, nature, animals, and the human race. For a 7 years young man, he was asked in a BBC interview: “Aneeshwar, don’t you feel on missing what kids in your age do, you can watch animated movies or play Minecraft? The young man replied: “I do all of these things, I watch movies and cartoons, I play Minecraft every now and then, but I try to divide my time into smaller bricks where I can invest it right and give priority to my mission on earth, and if it was up to me, I would invent an online game where kids can save the planet in it.” Mind-blowing! What an amazing example of investing time and working with passion toward a clear vision.

Poor choices lead to stress. When you fall behind, you stress and decide poorly. On the other side, wise choices result in less stress and more fulfillment.

Clever people are aware that a clean environment makes them happier and more productive. They typically spend 10 seconds putting items away after using them and occasionally spend an hour cleaning. This type of people doesn’t stop the habit of cleaning. They would use simple consistency of using a specific amount of time every day to prevent themselves from wasting a huge amount of time later on. Regular exercisers have greater happiness, health, vigor, and productivity. Three times a week for an hour, will give you better financial, social, emotional, and mental advantages.For instance, Runners consistently run because they are targeting the long-term advantages and benefits, they will gain from running. 

Acting because you desire something is more motivating. You’ll act when you desire the rewards, all you have to do is keep a steady performance. By teaching yourself to pause and consider how your actions will benefit you. You will, in the long term, acquire this talent. You might also establish your top five priorities in a brief list and compare every life choice to that list before making it. “The first half of the time management mentality is learning to select your greatest benefits. The other half is becoming adept at identifying choices and trade-offs” – Kevin Crenshaw, 2017


Finally, there is a famous short story about two twin brothers, they had an awful drunken father who was always gambling, beating, and cursing his children every single day. One turned out to be a drunken poor and the other turned out to be a great successful businessman. When people asked the poor brother how he turned like this? he said, “My father is the reason for who I am today.” And when they asked the rich brother the same question he also answered, “My father is the reason for who I am today” The message is clear.

The question here is which one of these two are you?

Most of the time these battles of hard work, investing time, doing things with passion, having the right vision, or motivating others, starts within us. By understanding yourself as an individual, what you like, what motivates you, and your most important assets. This is your personal development in terms of ‘building your skills’, ‘investing your time’, and ‘growing your mindset’. If you have a company, your most precious asset is your people, for what is a company’s meaning, a group of people who work together in harmony to achieve a certain task or group of tasks.

Do not take off with poor choices, it’s better to seek professional advice when needed. At Pinnacle, we believe that people are the most valuable asset in any organization, and their mindsets are their most valuable asset. If you too have our belief, then don’t hesitate in contacting Pinnacle to build your people’s growth mindset. If you are seeking someone to support your organization in building its work structure, people skills, and the technology fitting your company. Then you are in the right place. Start by investing your time in contacting Pinnacle professionals to support you in building your organization. 


Pinnacle® is a multi-country consultancy firm. Our consultants are spread around the world. We have built our organization on a modern business model with agility, diversity, and resilience to the business dynamics. We have chosen our technology platform to support our modern mindset thus we work from anywhere …. As work is not a place anymore. We implement Lean Six Sigma in everything we do whether internally or externally at our client sites.

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Business Development Associate

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