Christmas Magic

Do you feel the vibe ?

YES! Christmas is finally here.

Through the years, we have always been mentioning the Christmas topic to bring up the topics of the vibes, traditions, decorations, shopping, gathering, and more. Not to blame, it actually brings happiness everywhere all around the world. Everyone feels the warmness with the lights everywhere and every country is competing on which one will celebrate it the best this year. Not only countries but businesses as well.

Businesses from all around the world celebrate Christmas with their audience and clients as well. Starting from changing the packages to match the Christmas vibes, colors, and designs to decorating their stores and working areas and even more activities. Why do they do all these activities? Is it just for fun? Do businesses spend millions every year on Christmas decorations, campaigns, and packages just to celebrate? Actually, you know the answer. Definitely not just for fun,

Christmas plays a great role in the economy all over the world. Just stop reading for a second and think how much money do you spend on buying lights, a Christmas tree and its decorating tools such as red and green balls, and home decorations such as mattresses, cups, and blankets. Not only that, businesses are getting even more and more creative by making Christmas designs out of everything like cups, plates, clothes, and more. Have you regained your memory? Yes, you do spend a lot, and we still didn’t mention the gifts and the secret Santa. And of course, the Christmas dinner.

Christmas is now everywhere, it’s not only in our homes, but it is also in the streets, cafes & restaurants, shopping malls, and all the places we go. It is even on our mobiles; many applications use Christmas themes on their logos.

Now that you know the overall picture of Christmas around the world, let’s get deeper into the real magic of Christmas on the economy. 

Christmas Economy

Christmas, as mentioned before, is one of the most important seasons around the world. Everyone participates in it regardless of their religion and beliefs. According to the Statista website, 2022, “85 percent of people in the United States stated they were planning to celebrate the holiday, with only one in 10 declaring that they would not be joining in with the festivities. 

Christmas is typically the largest economic stimulus for many nations around the world as sales increase dramatically in almost all retail areas during this time. In 2022, total holiday retail sales were projected to have reached new highs of 942 billion U.S. dollars.

Guessing now you know the reason why businesses get more and more creative each year to celebrate Christmas. Now you know why there are millions and millions get paid every year for Christmas celebrations by businesses. The answer is that they are sure the money will come back, if not more.

Also, there is always a psychological and scientific reason behind every success happening in the world.

As a business consultancy company, we always search for a scientific way to follow in solving problems and planning for growth. Thus, we were curious to know the scientific reason behind all of this.

Successful businesses are the ones that succeeded in making their brand alive! In other words, living the

moments just like their audience. People get the most engaged with brands that deliver them a message that they are listening to and aware of what is happening in the world. They are not just quiet brands that only want to sell.

People find it very attractive and “cool” that their favorite (or even not) brands are engaging with them and up to date.

That’s why brands celebrate Christmas with them; there is that hidden message that gets delivered from the brand to the audience saying that we know you, we know what you like and dislike, we know it’s an important holiday for you, and we are celebrating it with you as well. Isn’t that attractive?

Many brands worldwide and locally do their best to deliver this message. Here in Egypt, brands and companies try their best every year to stand out in the market by showing their audience how creative they are with their celebrations. They’re even building entertaining and interactive decorations in the streets available for all the citizens to use and have great photos with them. For instance; WaterWay Developments build Christmas decorations in their cafes and restaurant complexes: Waterway, 5A, and the drive. Their decorations are always unique and attractive. The company is very smart, they used the culture of the Egyptian citizens and built a marketing strategy over it. Egyptians are very much into social media applications and documenting their lives on them. Thus, the company worked on building the best decorations that will make their photos look great on the applications, thus the crowd is created.

Moreover, Starbucks, the famous international brand. Also studied the market and its culture very well. They knew that their audience has always loved to photograph their personally named cups. Thus, they decorated as well but not their stores, but their cups. The one that the audience will run to purchase to build traffic on their social media or just share it with their loved ones.

Even fashion industries participation in the event. A very successful local brand named In Your Shoe specialized in bringing the youth spirit and vibes to life through their designs. Also likes to celebrate Christmas with their audience, by making a collection that only has Christmas prints of Santa, a tree, and snowflakes all on their items. And people go crazy about it. Do you know why? Of course, now you do!

Like many other decisions made, emotions sometimes are the decision-makers, rather than the mind or the rational side. And honestly, the audience cannot be blamed for this. Christmas brings happiness all over the world and everyone wants to do their best to be as involved in that celebration as possible, thus they would be as happy as possible.

Finally, the mentioned brands or any other brands celebrating Christmas are actually bringing a happy feeling to their audience even if it’s all about the sales result at the end of the day. These businesses are working hard and hard to bring the best buying experience to their audience and build a good impression for them, and deliver a nice and warm message for them saying “Merry Christmas Everyone”


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Seasonal Marketing and sales are one of the key marketing tools to boost sales activities, Christmas, Ramadan, Eid, Summer time, all are seasonal time where successful brands put emphasis on the consumer emotions of happiness that is tight with shopping, they invest a lot into seasonal promotions and decorations to make the best our of a season.

Consumer buying behavior has great psychology behind it. Did you made your research about your consumers? Are you at a point where you can easily predict your customers’ next moves and act upon them?

When it comes to studying consumer behavior and having a selling plan based on it, Pinnacle will always be a perfect choice. Pinnacle programs and training will help you find the best way to get your customers and gain their trust and loyalty.


Pinnacle® is a multi-country consultancy firm. Our consultants are spread around the world. We have built our organization on a modern business model with agility, diversity, and resilience to the business dynamics. We have chosen our technology platform to support our modern mindset thus we work from anywhere …. As work is not a place anymore. We implement Lean Six Sigma in everything we do whether internally or externally at our client sites.

Article is written by:

Mahitab Ahmed,

Marketing Business Analyst

Pinnacle Ltd. | Develor Egypt

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