Information Technology

Information Technology

Information technology infrastructure is considered to play the main role in the digitalization of industries, as both technology enabler and driver of the change. Yet in most companies, the budget spent on maintaining long-grown legacy systems and keeping the status quo alive is significantly higher than the budget reserved for innovation and new development. 

This is due to the complexity that has built up over the years, or is driven by unmanaged business complexity. Pressure on IT – especially on time to market, agility and flexibility – increases as external cloud offerings promise faster integration and more business benefit. IT leaders need to focus on increasing the value of IT, freeing resources up for innovation and getting digitalization into a leading role. 

New capabilities within your organization need to be built up – from orchestration of a vendor landscape to real business consulting. Customization is not winning the differentiation battle any longer. The need for transformation is not limited to IT, though: a new paradigm of Business IT alignment needs to be established to jointly “fix the basics”.

Pinnacle’s proven methodologies help to:

  • De-complexify IT in all dimensions: processes, organization and architecture
  • Establish state-of-the-art governance mechanisms to effectively manage IT in digital ecosystems and establish a new relationship with business
  • Understand, manage and increase IT value
  • Transform IT towards a driver for digitalization

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