Consulting & Training Services

Consulting & Training Services

“92% of marketing leaders say that to truly deliver best-in-class experiences, marketers must be responsible for all customer experiences, including digital and offline”

Scope Of Work:

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning


  • Brand Management


  • Events Management
  • Communication Strategy


–  BTL | ATL | TTL communication

–  Digital Marketing planning & execution

–  Public Relations

–  Crisis Management

Our Sales consultant will offer you unique combination of skills to drive sales and achieve targets.

Our People:

Mohamed Mounir

Strategy Managing Director

Hazem Baraka

Organizational Excellence


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Pinnacle structured its business divisions (Offices) to serve its go to market philosophy serving its clients’ needs.

Professional Behavior Development Office “PBD Office”

The office focuses on developing people and team’s performance through face to face, hybrid or online trainings, our programs cover all level from entry levels to board and management levels. In Pinnacle Academy© We provide learning journey starting assessment of individuals and teams, leading to training, workshops and coaching to make sure the learning is being deployed and will result in better performance and ROI. Pinnacle Act© is our signature sales training journey, and Roadmap to Excellence© is pinnacle signature training for Organizational Quality Excellence. Climber Fitness© is our program for wellbeing in workplace, and The Compass© is the program for the leadership advancement.

Business Functions Optimization “BFO Office”

The office focuses on all business functions, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, etc. The consultations vary from strategy setting to tactics and specific problem-solving consultations. Pinnacle is known for its long-term retainers’ contracts, where Pinnacle teams work hand in hand with the clients to reach the level of performance desired.

Pinnacle has unique consultation services that tackles modern challenges we face with the current market dynamics.

Public Image Services that help leaders, managers, and teams to create your desired corporate image,

Business Information Modernization “BIM Office”

It is all about   information and how to be able to stream the day-to-day communications to be more efficient and effective in doing modernized business!!

Pinnacle brings you state of the art technological experts in our 3 main offerings Robotic & Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing.

Our business methodology

in such complex world of markets, more variables affecting business performance and new challenges are faced. Pinnacle uses scientific approach to understand the root causes and examine alternatives to address the options of solutions. We do not stop on just telling our clients what to do, and how to do it, but also, we monitor and follow up the implementation of the recommendations.

Pinnacle uses Lean Six Sigma Approach in all what we do. Lean Six Sigma is a method that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation and defects.

Pinnacle Climb© is the way we approach any client case; it is three steps “ADM” starting with Assessment, were we use scientific quantitative and qualitative methods to test the facts.

Pinnacle LSS Assessment©

In assessment phase we gather the three type of voices that speaks about the situation, the voice of the environment where the situation arises, voice of the process that contain the situation and finally the voice of the client and how he observed the situation that needs intervention.

Pinnacle Roadmap©

In design phase use the assessment input to create the best possible solutions and roadmaps alternatives and recommend the best viable alternative from cost and productivity perspectives.

Pinnacle Health Check©

In Monitor Phase we go through three phases to make sure we are establishing new business norms and that the mindset and behavior of your people have adopted to the new way of doing business. We start by Implement Phase where we make the necessary Changes and Control are in place, and in Monitor phase, we make sure new ways are mistake proofing, to go for the Stabilize phase where the process becomes BAU and impended in the daily routine of your business.day.

We use various Lean Six Sigma statistical tools to measure the effect of what we have achieved, using those reports to reports for business management and board members.

Pinnacle Climb© is state of the art tools set to bring our client on board, make them part of the process, and give them the empowerment to apply the change and allow for the needed transparency of business outcome.

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