Dr. Reem Berro

Dr. Reem Berro

Country Representative | Lebanon

Reem Berro

PhD, Anthropology – Sociology (Doctoral school of Literature humanities and Social Sciences), and two master’s degrees in Sociology from Lebanon University; Bachelor’s degree and teaching Diploma in Sociology sciences (LU); Marketing Vocational study Diploma.  

Dr. Reem is a researcher and diplomatic consultant specialized in Protocol and etiquette, Fashion styling, and public image; holding Certificate of advisor in “Diplomatic Relations“, and Applied Diploma in “Skills of the diplomatic corps and consular representation” and certificate in “Fashion style and image consulting” from Esmode and USJ. 

Dr. Reem supported Diplomates, Business Owners, Board Members, Government Officials, elections contestant, public figures, TV and media stars and corporate teams around the world on Leadership for public speech, Etiquette coaching, and public image consultation. She also supports business organizations with their marketing activities by understanding its targeted consumer and how the best to manage the right communication.



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