Mohamed Abdel Dayem

Mohamed Abdel Dayem

Senior Marketing Consultant

Henry Ford; “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
Mohamed Abdel Dayem

Mohamed Abdel Dayem is a Marketing and Communication
Consultant, bringing a unique blend of expertise, especially in the
burgeoning creative economy sectors, social and impact
entrepreneurship, public sector, and the fashion, sportswear, and
eyewear sectors. With a career spanning 20 years, he is
distinguished for formulating data-driven strategic communication
frameworks that elevate an organization’s brand presence across
digital and traditional platforms. His nuanced understanding of trend
analysis informs accurate and timely decision-making, optimizing
marketing strategies. Additionally, Abdel Dayem has been lauded
for his contributions to the creative economy and social impact
sectors, where he has implemented best practices that have
significantly shaped these entrepreneurial landscapes. In academia,
he specializes in courses such as Consumer Behavior and Service
Marketing, adeptly bridging theoretical constructs with practical
applications. His multi-faceted experience renders him a pivotal
figure in both scholarly and practical domains, particularly in the
intersection of marketing, communications, and socially impactful


Leading with purpose signifies adopting a goal-oriented approach that extends beyond profit generation to encompass broader societal, ethical, and environmental goals.


• Consulting Services: PR, Crisis Management, Internal Communications, External Communications, Marketing for Creative Goods and Services,
• Training: Marketing, Creative Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Consumer Behavior, Personal Branding, Customer Experience CX, Public Speaking, Leadership.

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