Digital Marketing Fundamentals

How are you perceived in the marketing?

Is your digital marketing team leading your business growth with effective and efficient digital presence? Do you get good Return on Marketing Investment? How do your client perceive your digital marketing efforts? Are they engaged?

Why should you learn this?

Digital Marketing is a rapidly evolving business direction and statistics also reveal that this field will experience a rapid increase in job opportunities. It gives you a huge scope and a multitude of job options right in front of you. Once you understand how this works, you will know where to put in more effort, which marketing channel you should prefer to reach your target audience and so on. 

As a marketeer, you must consider the nuances of the industry and adjust your SEO strategy for your unique consumers. SEO bridges the gap between how consumers view public companies and how companies view consumers. Good SEO can simplify industry jargon to capture natural traffic when people use the web the way they do. 

Outcome of the training

It is not a luxury to have digital marketing activity and it is not wise to get digital marketing team that only have some practices and user experience. Pinnacle will provide your team with the knowledge, Science and Experiences to manage your Digital marketing investment to generate the best possible Return on Marketing Investment “ROMI.” 

With this program, your team will gain:

  • A Full understanding of the Digital Marketing and Social Media fundamentals.
  • Practicing the skills of executing marketing plans and digital campaigns on different platforms of Social media and search engines.
  • Pinnacle® Certification signed by one of our industry experts’ trainers.

Please use contact us and one of our business development managers will be calling you to support.

Who should attend?

  • Marketing interns starting marketing careers and need to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing. 
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to advance and grow their business and wants to understand the basic of digital marketing
  • Marketing Team seeking to get to the structured and knowledge of Digital Marketing to uplift their practical experience with since and knowledge to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.



This full course is designed with three modules, each module is to be delivered in one days F2F or online version duration of 4 days of 4 hours per day. 

Pinnacle® preferred online training platform is Microsoft Teams. However, we can accommodate zoom.

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