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Cast Away … we all remember the movie. When Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) took the decision to leave the island to the unknown … just refusing the status quo although it is safer to stay there and waiting for something to happen. Chuck was only able to see the high waves … open sea is what is beyond … this is all what he knew. 

High big waves are what he could not pass before as if it would not let him pass. Even the waves told him to stay … No hope!

Stay tuned on how to embrace Optimism … it is a choice.

Taking a man of his times that he knows, comfortable in the predictability and connectedness of his professional and personal life and knock him perilously off-course. “What happens when your dreams don’t come true?”

Big waves are the obstacles we face in life, the hard events we see too big to pass, hurdles that force us stay where we are and keep doing what we are doing in life … surrender and accept with pessimism that we cannot change what happen to us in personal or business life.

Chuck means “Throw” and Noland in words are “No Land” so creative like the title separating the word Castaway to Cast “Throw” and Away; Chuck wanted to connect back to the love of his life Kelly … he wanted to deliver the package he kept without knowing what is inside … to symbolize connecting back to his normal life … the life he knew and was comfortably uncomfortable with his love “Kelly” and his love …  “Work”.

Chuck observed the wind, the timing, the directions of the waves, and he planned for the right timing to go … it was the big moment for him and his friend Wilson.

All the studies, hard work, and speculations he made over thousands of nights paid back …. He passed it … the big wave … he did it … in his course he lost Wilson … now he appreciate friends … relationships …. Talks and quality time.

But then … what … open sea … wrecked raft …. It is God’s well, the ship passed. It is all in God’s hand … but you have to start.

See the scene

It is a choice

Some people are born optimistic, maybe! while others choose it, learn to embrace it, Between the pandemic, economic struggles, the layoffs, death of close ones and kindhearted people, elders who are afraid to hug their d grandchildren or even see them … maybe for the last few times before their times come, embracing optimism can feel like a heavy lift, even for those who don’t usually struggle with staying mentally and spiritually afloat. But I urge you to try. Doing so will not only help sustain the health of your body and soul, but it will also give you the strength to lift others up, to do your part to help lay the groundwork for a better, more equitable future.

Keep in mind that optimism is not about denying ‘negativity’ – it is about hope, and belief. A positive attitude, whether it is learned or innate, has long been associated with a stronger immune system, a healthier heart and brain, and overall, greater longevity. In studies that focused on specific diseases, optimism was a significant predictor of better physical outcomes. 

On a psychological level, making the effort to embrace optimism enables you to become more resilient, engaged, connected; all of which can help you navigate rough times more skillfully. No matter how uncertain and scary life may be right now, the one thing we all can have some control over is our reaction to it.

As we are approaching midyear 2021 …442 days since WHO announced COVID-19 Pandemic till the moment this article is published on the 27thof May 2021. I am reminded of the message of this Cast Away scene. Just when our predicament has seemed most dire, the forces of human ingenuity and determination have set us on a brighter path. Frontline healthcare staff and essential workers have kept us going during the pandemic.

Leaders in small, medium, large organizations; governments leaders, people who kept the spirit and the prayers all days and nights are the ones who were giving the hope for better tomorrow… for soon to recover… for people out of hospitals coming back to their loved ones …. and even the ones who left us to meet God going to better places and being in the hands of the merciful Allah.

Today, the scientific community is on the cusp of delivering vaccination in record time. We have also seen communities around the world come together to push for a more fair and equal society, and we hope to see further progress in the future. And from a financial perspective, the collective efforts of governments, central banks, consumers, and businesses, all fighting the waves that wanted to keep us casted away … swimming in the same direction, will help the global economy heal from the COVID-19 crisis.

While a full economic recovery everywhere in the world will not be easy to achieve, we are already well on our way. To help you plan your own journey in the coming period, we tried to put some speculations from what we see in different markets. Please discuss those ideas with your Pinnacle consultants or account managers to make this more relevant to your industry and situation.

light at the end of the tunnel

COVID-19 vaccines arrived, the plans to vaccinate people and opening registrations for doctors, elders, chronic diseases people were the first stage and progressing. Results of several vaccine candidates and types suggest greater than 90% effectiveness, promising an eventual end; countries with small populations are getting some relief as most of their populations are vaccinated and people are getting back to the streets.

The global pandemic has disrupted the lives and businesses of so many of us. In response, broad equity markets are close to all-time highs, and the stocks of companies in industries most impacted by virus restrictions have been rallying in anticipation of the benefits that a return to normal will bring.

But we still have to wait. Virus case counts are rising in much of the world and mass vaccine distribution will be no small feat, given the logistical complexities. Plus, the economy is not yet completely recovering. Additional support from governments seems needed for the businesses that have been impacted by restrictions. So, uncertainty will persist.

While uncertainty can cause anxiety around your business and investments, we find comfort in areas where we have more visibility. Most importantly, we believe the global economy will continue to heal. Healing started in some sectors already, including technology and housing, doing remarkably well in the new environment.

The investment is being driven by the law interest rates on ling term deposits and bonds and it will remain for a good period of time as long as global central banks stay accommodative and long-term interest rates remain low.


Uncertainties and they are many make investors anxious and very volatile. To combat that anxiety, investors mut capitalizing on opportunities in the megatrends of digital transformation, healthcare innovation and sustainability.

You need to see and speculate some factors and please do not work alone, have your consultants work with you on the right investment and right initiatives during those times.

Leaders and policymakers struggled to manage enormous economic and public health challenges, with differing degrees of success. Capital markets experienced their own turmoil. However, we have seen recovery rates at a record pace in some markets, Egypt is one of the markets that are rising back with good pace due to the government policies and the investment mood from before pandemic’ more over the interest rates falling down made investors take some risk in putting their money on survival activities or in emerging industries. Central bank of Egypt actions towards giving access to business financing with @El Mobadara” and the impressive fiscal support that replaced incomes for unemployed workers from Ta7ya Masr fund made good impact offsetting the downturn by the pandemic.

The market impacts of geopolitical shocks generally pass quickly; in The Middle East, conflict in the region tends to spill over into the economy and financial markets through oil prices. However, we have seen dust in the relationship between the GCC countries and Qatar is easing and Turkey has been trying actively to return the relationship with Egypt and Egypt, KSA, Emirates are cautiously returning relationship with Qatar and Turky. The tension however remains in Africa with situation with Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan is not resolved with the political means till now. War is unlikely to happen. Risks can be mitigated through diversification across asset classes and geographies. It is also critical to assess the link between any potential conflict and financial markets and economies. Oil prices are a clear factor, as are global supply chains. While geopolitical flashpoints will likely cause consternation and turmoil, we do not expect them to leave lasting market impacts, or for them to permanently disrupt the global healing process.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are easing the investment conditions.
Foreigners opening a company in the United Arab Emirates will no longer need an Emirati shareholder or agent under changes to UAE company law that will go into effect on June 1, 2021. “The amended Commercial Companies Law aims at boosting the country’s competitive edge and is a part of UAE government efforts to facilitate doing business,” Minister of Economy Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri was quoted as saying. The UAE announced the law allowing 100% foreign ownership of companies last year – one of several steps aimed at attracting investment and foreigners into the Gulf state, which was badly hurt by the coronavirus crisis.


Trends and observations are driving the attention to these three megatrends: digital transformation, healthcare innovation and sustainability. 2020 was a breakout year for investing in sustainability. Just take one look at the performance of clean energy and next generation and electric vehicle stocks: They were up nearly 100% and 33%, respectively.

Digital transformation was the defining market trend of 2020. Businesses, consumers, and families learned how to live in an online world. Yet we are at just the beginning of a long-term shift to digital. To understand why, consider the implications of the 5G infrastructure upgrade, just one of many transformations underway. The pandemic accelerated the move to automation, as robots do not get sick or spread viruses. Automation can also drive cost savings and increase productivity, which are key to profit recovery. Global capex is likely to increase, including in investments in automation.

Pinnacle Strategic Planning team is ready to take you through the process of well-defined strategy and business modeling which will enable you to simulate scenarios business results to choose the best. We help large and small organizations better fit into the future. We are embracing optimism with cautious risk avert modules and rigorous tide monitoring of business results.

Please use contact us and one of our business development managers will be calling you to support.

Pinnacle® is a multi-country consultancy firm. Our consultants are spread around the world coming from the tough developing markets where change is constant; we are diverse organization with 70% of our consultant’s women and many nationalities. We have built our organization on modern business model with agility, diversity, and resilience to the business dynamics. We have chosen our technology platform to support our modern mindset thus we work from anywhere …. As work is not a place anymore. We implement Lean Six Sigma in everything we do whether internally or externally at our client sites. 
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Mohamed Mounir
Mohamed Mounir
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