Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

An organization that isn’t working up to its potential is in danger of failing, and the health of any profitable business depends on its workforce. And here is when Pinnacle intervene in order to enter and develop a plan to make it healthy and profitable.

Pinnacle can help in many domains in such a situation for you to reach your goal and achieve the best possible situation.

Why as a business owner do, I need an organizational consultant?

  • Consultants can function as bridges for information and knowledge.
  • Helping organizations to improve their performance.
  • External consultants can provide these bridging services more economically than client firms themselves.
  • Consultants can be engaged proactively, without significant external enforcement, and reactively, with external pressure.
  • An organizational consultant aims to find hidden weak spots and improve performance.

How can you assess your current situation and decide you need an organizational consultant?

  • If you already have a solid company structure, is it doing well, did you measure its performance? If not, what that your competition has and make it work well for them and you don’t?
  • Should you relay on your current resources or try to improve it or outsource?
  • What are the best techniques that suits your business and would secure you an efficient work force that support your business in achieving your goals and targets?

What are the domains that Pinnacle can address your organization?

Corporate & Business Unit Strategies

Pinnacle understanding of cutting-edge management practices coupled with our in-depth knowledge of national/ multinational market dynamics grants our clients across multiple sectors and industries tailor-designed solutions allowing them to thrive amidst today’s increasingly competitive environment.

Pinnacle Consulting sets the overall corporate strategic direction for a client or independent business unit, carefully crafting a tactical roadmap aimed at enhancing competitiveness, longevity, ability to manage change, and long-term stakeholder value. We rely heavily on situational analysis, scenario planning, and a rational strategic direction to help our clients achieve their long-term strategic goals.

Our full approach ensures perfect alignment of the complete value chain with business strategy.

Management capacity building

We help develop management skills to enhance capabilities of the organization through consulting, knowledge transfer, coaching, training and other forms of capacity building activities.

Organization design

We help create effective organizations capable of achieving their business strategies, streamline business and align individual motivations with the interests of the organization.

Organization Redesign & Development

Organization redesign and development is an internal function that focuses mainly on the human resources of a company; it aims to enhance employee’s performance and HR processes efficiency through applying behavioral sciences for a company to be able to reach its expected goals and outcomes. The main factors of organizational development include organization climate, organization culture, and organizational strategies.

Organization redesign and development could be used for several purposes such as increasing staff accountability and loyalty, improving teamwork and communication, boosting work ethics and productivity, reducing employee turnover and absenteeism, and lowering recruitment costs.

We support you to redesign and develop your organization to reach its full capacity. We conduct a detailed, targeted, and practical evaluation to assess the present functional structure, interview staff of all occupational levels, identify performance gaps, provide analysis and suggest best interventions lead a successful organizational development by which you can improve performance and meet business objectives. Furthermore, we support businesses in developing job descriptions, occupational levels, salaries and grading schemes, and performance management systems.

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