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Resilience at work is now recognized – more than ever – as defining characteristic of dealing well with the dynamics, stresses, and strains of the modern workplace. It is a person’s and organization’s capacity to respond to pressure and disruptions. Resilience is a “Must Have” characteristic for business survival.

Personal resilience is defined by how effectively you handle difficult experiences. Your ability to ‘bounce back’, ‘Adapt’, and move on during adversity. It is how you effectively regulate your thoughts and emotions, as well as perceiving challenging situations as an opportunity, not a personal threat.

You can easily spot resilient person; you might struggle to be as you do not know what makes them resilient. Is it their positivity? I wish it is that simple. It is not the positivity that makes them resilient; resilience enables a positive approach to work and outlook on life, which in turn enables better problem-solving and helps to maintain motivation. And it is not only a reactive skill that a person brings on surface to face challenges, but also a proactive attitude with a mindset that focuses on problem solving and performance.

The definition of Resilience by Oxford is “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, and toughness”

Are you, your business Resilient?

With the dynamics we are passing through now from the outbreak of COVID-19 to Social distancing, to halting the world for weeks and the world that will not be back to business as usual, every business, leader, manager, employee is in deep need to acquire and create a resilient workforce. Benefits for your business are forming long list, making your team motivated, capable of managing change, adaptable to dynamics, focus on the task, able to perform and less burnout.

And if you and your business are not then you need to be, and yes it can be acquired.

Is you or you business resilient

Here are simple 5 actions that Leaders should do

  1. Stay Aware

And I mean the stay on top of what is happening around you and your business; real news, reports, and articles of reliable source (like what you are reading now). The rumors are spreading faster than the coronavirus itself, look to reputable sources for the facts. Employers should stay informed by regularly consulting the WHO, Local Country Health Administrations.

  1. Stay connected with your employees

During such dynamics of the world economy and pandemic, clarity is key for your employees; they need to hear accurate information to avoid false panics. Ensure that you can communicate with all employees directly, to immediately inform them of any important updates. We must remember that our teams rely on us for a sense of security and stability. Do not leave chances for rumors about layoffs, salaries, cash position, directions and what is next with the plan, budget, and the future. Finding ways to touch base with them and drive authentic communication is a must. And please do not make it like crises newsroom, memos and letters, e-mails that starts with “All” will not help them relax, leveraging fun platforms to communicate can assist as well. We use collaboration tools to communicate messages to employees and talk up the positives that are going on.

The objective is to operate with clarity and eliminate unanswered questions that drives people to wander toward the negative. Pump up the positivity and the optimism. Let them know plans. Open forums for ideas. Contribute, collaborate, connect!

3. Respond proactively to what your clients need and expect from you?

Clients experience is the “Name of the Game”. Do not give your clients bad experience during this time. your client’s journey with you may need to be altered temporarily, there is an opportunity to improve your business and their experience. But please,, be proactive, do not wait till they come and ask you to make deferral payments, drop charges, change scope, or do it remotely; as it will eventually may reach to cancel the contract as force majeure termination.  please take the lead and you may discover new lines of revenue, higher average sales per units, or better conversion! Be positive and look for gaps to fill. Clients, are like your employees, are concerned. Communicate with them. Listen to them! It is a real opportune time to better understand their business, needs, offer help, and build that relationship that will last.

4. Outlook

Moment of truth; the plan you put during Q4 2019 for 2020 will not be achieved. Do not get me wrong; It might be overachieved (if you are business in one of the lucky industries which got boosted during Coronavirus) or underachieved. What we know is that it needs to be revised; Keep the original plan but start outlooking according to the business dynamics. Raise you plans if your industry had been positively affected; and if not; do not focus on the negative impacts; rethink what is possible, open your mind up to the possibilities of new ways to operating, servicing customers, partnering, employing and much more. Do not limit yourself to what used to happen before.

5. Go Virtual and remote

We discovered new reality; many businesses could have moved to a virtual work environment years ago. I have been stating that work is not a place anymore since I was working with Xerox, I think decade or more ago; almost every office job can be done from home. Let Pinnacle help you get that set up now! The benefits are not only on short but also on long term.


Resilience is not a trampoline, where you are down one moment and up the next. It is more like climbing a mountain. It takes time, strength, and help from people around you, and you will likely experience setbacks along the way. But eventually you reach the top and look back at how far you have come.

Pinnacle has developed virtual training workshops and coaching sessions addressing:

  • How to stay focused during challenging times – working on-task with distractions.
  • Remote leading of teams – skills and mindset that supports your virtual leadership.
  • Effective Remote Team Communication.
  • Communicating with customers: Keeping in touch with customers while in times of distress.
  • Keeping a positive work atmosphere during tough times.
  • Why working remotely can be important and beneficial in the future
  • Lessons learned – What do we take with us for the future.
  • We go through 3 phases in crises. What are they and how to manage through effectively?
  • Disrupt yourself – reinvent yourself in the digital world.
  • Effects on learning and development culture in organizations.
Author: Pinnacle Ltd.

Pinnacle Ltd. is a multi-countries modern consultancy firm, with offices around 11 countries in 4 continents, and 28 consultants working remotely and virtually managed.

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