How to stay focused during challenging times?


How to stay focused during challenging times?

This is a question that many managers and staff members are asking themselves. As the current situation is unplanned and unwanted and most managers are unprepared.

Aldous Huxley write in one of his books: Experience is not what happens to man, but what man makes of what happens to him. “

As we are now experiencing an unusual time when our everyday working environments have been turned upside down and normal set routines are no longer possible, the pressure and associated anxiety are palpable.

In challenging times, it is very easy to get distracted. We experience even more pressure (internal and external), there is insecurity, doubts, anxiety… And all these negatives feeling have an immense impact on our focus.

No wonder that for many it is very difficult to stay focused and cope with the situation.

So, if you want to reset and move forward in these strange and difficult times you need a mindset that supports you to perform at high level under great pressure. And we all know –  the energy flows, where your focus goes.

Aldous Huxley

But what to focus on?...

"FOCUS on what you CAN CONTROL instead of what you CAN’T CONTROL"

Because focusing on things you cannot control leads to frustration and de-focus; and this is not very helpful to navigate through this storm. Depending on our mental skills and our constitution of the day, we more or less easily fall into a negative spiral of thoughts. And to be honest, we all do not like to play drama and blame others for the given circumstances and lament. In doing so, we often go round in circles and do not get out of place, instead of concentrating on what is in our hands and tackling it. And faster than we think we find ourselves in a negative content loop that pulls us down emotionally, which is not very helpful.

How do we recognize that we are in a negative emotional spiral?

By perceiving whether we exhibit any of these three behavior patterns: flight, passivity or aggression. These are signs that our perception is clouded, and we misinterpret situations instead of clarifying the facts and taking the necessary steps.
How do we recognize that we are in a negative emotional spiral?

For that you need a CLEAR THINKING by gathering and analyzing accurate information. This means that all your decisions and actions are based on accurate data and not on pure interpretations or speculations. The more clarity you have, the more confident you are and the more likely you are to move forward in the right direction. The opposite is DEFENSIVE THINKING caused by selective information. So always be aware that YOU STAY IN CONTROL.


Pinnacle has developed virtual training workshops and coaching sessions addressing:

  • How to stay focused during challenging times – working on-task with distractions.
  • Remote leading of teams – skills and mindset that supports your virtual leadership.
  • Effective Remote Team Communication.
  • Communicating with customers: Keeping in touch with customers while in times of distress.
  • Keeping a positive work atmosphere during tough times.
  • Why working remotely can be important and beneficial in the future
  • Lessons learned – What do we take with us for the future.
  • We go through 3 phases in crises. What are they and how to manage through effectively?
  • Disrupt yourself – reinvent yourself in the digital world.
  • Effects on learning and development culture in organizations.
Pinnacle has developed virtual training workshops
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