Eman ElSaeidi

Eman ElSaeidi

Corporate Instructor I Life Coach

Eman El Saeidi

Eman is a certified corporate instructor and life coach in the field of learning and
development with 17+ years of experience. She worked in sales, customer service,
research and development, in addition to facilitation. Furthermore, she cooperated
with multinational, local, and governmental entities, with a long track record of
profitability and customer satisfaction. Moreover, she delivered 1400+ training
sessions, facilitated knowledge for 20,000+ participants, conducted training courses
for 80+ clients, and coached 50+ clients.


Providing a learning environment that enables participants to learn and upgrade their skill set by providing valuable knowledge and room for application, would result in advancing their personal and professional lives.


Training delivery

  • Public Speaking/presentation skills
  • Change Management
  • Positivity/Growth Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Sales and Negotiation Skills
  • Communication Skills, Personality Styles – Time Management
  • Customer Service – Problem Solving
  • Coaching Services
  • Professional Behaviors® and Motivators® Analyst
  • PEAT Emotional and Trauma Healing

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