New forms of cooperation that are no longer bound to one location

Where is My Team?

Not in the same office! Team leadership is now even more challenging than ever, with the dynamics that took place in the past few months

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Survival tips

Business Natural Selection

Maybe “Darwin” is right this time! The most powerful weapons of mass destruction, the most terrible natural disasters, and the most vicious terrorist attacks; have

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In Combat With COVID-19

Economic Combat with COVID-19 to save lives! On May 11th, 2020 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced it is suspending cost of living allowance starting

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The appeal of forming virtual teams is clear

Leading Virtual Team

LeadingVirtual Team It is not the same! Managing and leading a physical location in a workplace is not the same as leading virtual team in

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How do we recognize that we are in a negative emotional spiral?

Stay Focused

Focus How to stay focused during challenging times? This is a question that many managers and staff members are asking themselves. As the current situation

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Is you or you business resilient


Resilience Resilience at work is now recognized – more than ever – as defining characteristic of dealing well with the dynamics, stresses, and strains of

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