Creative Messaging Strategy

Is having a Creative Messaging Strategy the same as NOT having a Creative Messaging Strategy?! It is a rhetorical question obviously! We all know the answer to this question! Sometimes business owners and marketers just do not seem to put enough emphasis on the Creative Messaging Strategy, and then they are not quite sure why […]

New Headquarter

How did the Pandemic impact our Workplace? Before the pandemic, the conventional wisdom had been that offices were critical to productivity, culture, and winning the war for talent. Companies competed intensely for prime office space in major urban centers around the world, and many focused-on solutions that were seen to promote collaboration. Densification, open-office designs, […]

Crisis Management

Any company is susceptible Researchers and practitioners have variously defined the meaning of crisis.  But perhaps one of the most comprehensive definitions is “a major, unpredictable event has potentially negative results. The event and its aftermath may significantly damage an organization and its employees, products, services, financial condition and reputation” (Zaremba, 2010). However, in order […]


Work from home

It is the new norm My job has been always mandating that work is not a place to go to every day, since 2010, I am working from anywhere, literally anywhere, airport, bars, airplanes, cafés, restaurant, pools hotel rooms, cars, and sometime offices. I had many stories to tell. I always remember falling asleep while […]

Deep Dive

Deep Dive

Snorkeling is not enough! The main reason consultancy firms established is to provide advice and directions in all business fields in order to improve clients’ businesses; the need for consultancy increases after disruptions occurs in specific industry, geography, function or general world conditions such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic challenges that hit almost all sectors, […]